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Month: June 2016

Monthly Mile Club

Monthly Mile Club

Some of you may have noticed that I had taken a little break from writing lately.  This is mostly because I needed some down time but also because I have decided to start a club to help people be more active.  After writing my post […]

Confession of a Coffee Addict Part 1

Confession of a Coffee Addict Part 1

Hello, My name is Sarah, and I am a coffee addict. I have been sober from coffee for about 5 minutes (what can I say). Umm scratch that make it 30 seconds. I used to be casual coffee drinker. Only bought the occasional frappe or […]

#MySundayPhoto June 19th

#MySundayPhoto June 19th

Last week I missed the #MySundayPhoto linky because of the time difference but I have decided to start joining this linky.

This Sunday I am sharing another photo from our urban garden at work. I’ve been  really excited about harvesting because I love squash and zucchini and really want to try some. And this week my dream came true because WE HAVE ROUND ZUCCHINI. Hopefully I’ll share a recipe to go with it later.


Hope you like my zucchini!

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My Summer Bucket List

My Summer Bucket List

It’s June and the weather has started to perk up and finally feels like summer has arrived. For me summer means not working so late and more time to spend out in the sunshine with my family; wearing lots of sunscreen (My boy is a […]

#MySundayPhoto June 12th

#MySundayPhoto June 12th

I have been seeing many of my fellow bloggers share their #MySundayPhoto and this weekend was intrigued enough to check it out.  So I decided to start joining in on this weekly linky starting today. As many of you may already know from seeing my Twitter, Facebook, […]

Make Your Own Wall Art

Make Your Own Wall Art

On It seems like every where I go I see all of these beautiful watercolor wall art. You know what I’m talking about! When your walking through Target, Michael’s, Home Good’s, or Books A Million. The only problem is that often times these beautiful pieces of art can cost you between $20 and $50 dollars depending on the size. Because I’ve been trying to be more crafty this year I said to myself, “I have to be able to make something like this at home”.

So I got up the courage, found some Michael’s coupons, and bought a pack of 7 small canvas’s for $20 (my husbands idea), a package of Recollection Watercolor Crayons ($7.99 on sale), and a package of Recollection Paint Markers $9.99 (without coupon).


When I first got the crayons out I read the directions and tried it out on some scrap paper. Following the directions and drawing with the crayons and them using a paint brush going over it lightly with some water. I realized quickly that it didn’t work quite as I expected. So next time I wetted the paint brush and swiped it over the crayon and used that to paint.

Here is how I came about making my first piece of watercolor wall art.

1. Made the background- I first picked the 4 colors that I wanted to use and made a simple watercolor back ground by making stripes across the canvas. Not trying to be too careful because when it’s a little bit messy it looks more natural.


2. Pick a quote- This was probably the hardest thing to decide but I remembered that my favorite wall art I had seen so far used the quote “Home is wherever I’m with you” (also a song I like). I looked around at other paintings with the quote to decide how many words I wanted on each line.

3.Filler- The next step was to play around with what kind of decorative extra’s I wanted to use. I googled the quote on Pinterest and looked at what other people had done and chose the arrow and vine decorations.


4. Practice- To make sure I knew how I wanted it all to come together I played around a few times on scrap paper with a black paint marker. Then once I figured out exactly what I wanted I could do it for real.

5. The Final Creation- Once I had tried it all out I thin very carefully put it all together on the canvas. I started with the border and arrow first. Then fir the writing in the spaces that was left. I did this while my toddler was sleeping so that I wouldn’t get any surprises and make a mistake.


In the end I think it turned out pretty well and I am excited to put it up on the wall. My plan is to make a few different things and turn it into a gallery wall in my living room. I will post the wall art as it is made to share the inspiration.

This already gives me warm and fuzzies because the quote makes me thing of my family and how I’m always home wherever I am as long as they are by my side.  It reminds me that it’s not the material things that makes a home. It’s the laughter, memories, stories, and playtime that really make our house a home.  Not the devices, technology, and toys.

Hope you like it!

Is their a quote that you would like to use? Do you think you would like to make one of these yourself? Are you interested in seeing what I come up with next?

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Top Ten Father’s Day Gifts

Top Ten Father’s Day Gifts

Top Ten Father’s Day Gifts   The month of June brings us many wonderful things like warm weather, summer break, pool time, more daylight, the Stanley cup (Go Pens), outdoor festivals, and of course Father’s Day.  Growing up Father’s Day was always a difficult time […]