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Top Ten Father’s Day Gifts

Top Ten Father’s Day Gifts

Top Ten Father’s Day Gifts


The month of June brings us many wonderful things like warm weather, summer break, pool time, more daylight, the Stanley cup (Go Pens), outdoor festivals, and of course Father’s Day.  Growing up Father’s Day was always a difficult time for me as my parent’s got divorced when I was young but at the same time I wanted to celebrate my wonderful step dad.  Now I am lucky enough to spend it spoiling my husband and showing him how much I appreciate how great of a father he is to our son.

Whether you are celebrating Father’s Day with your partner, father, uncle, grandfather, father-in law, or family friend this gift guide is sure to help you pick something out.  There is a gift idea for all types of interests and budgets.


  1. Homemade 4 Course Meal-A great idea for the Foodie father in your life. This is one of my favorite ideas and has become a tradition in our house.  My husband’s favorite meal is Boeuf Bourguignon, a French version of beef stew that has rich flavors and a decadent taste.  Here is the cookbook that the recipe is from (also a decent gift for a cook/foodie).


  1. Power Tools– Always a great buy for a dad who enjoys building and fixing things himself.  Items like Drill’s and Saw’s can be a fantastic gift if they don’t already have one.  I even found a coupon on Amazon for Dewalt brand  products.  Which, is the brand my husband likes to buy because he says they are good quality.


  1. Spotify Subscription– For the dad who is a music lover this can be a great gift.  Spotify is an app that you can download on any device or computer to receive access to unlimited music.  The great thing about it is that you can download the music through the app without any extra purchase so you can play music without streaming and using data.  It is also great for being able to try out new music without having to actually pay for the album.  The monthly subscription is $9.99 a month but they usually have a first 3 months for .99 sale making a yearly subscription just under $100.


  1. Concert or Game Tickets– For a dad who loves music or has a favorite sports team this could be a great idea.  One of the gifts my husband will never forget is when I got us 2 tickers to an NHL hockey game.  Concert tickets are also nice whether they are local or they can make a fun trip out of it.


  1. Keurig/Coffee Mug– For the coffee or tea lover the gift of a Keurig is always a good choice with many options.  And of course the #1 Dad/Grandpa Mug is always a classic choice.  The Keurig’s are nice because they can be used at home or at the office and can find a huge variety of k-cups in super markets.



  1. Car Detailing– For a dad who loves his car (or maybe it’s just the family car) search for a local detailing service and see if you can find a good price on a full detail.  There is nothing like the feel of a car that has been cleaned from the inside out.  And especially if you have kids it can be so easy for your car to become a cluttered sticky mess.


  1. Audible Subscription/ Pre-Order Book– For a dad who loves to read you can check out an Audible subscription.  It is a service that comes with an app that credits your account one free audio book a month that you can take anywhere you can bring your smart phone or tablet.  It costs $14.99 a month but the first month is free and comes with two books.  I used this myself for a little while when I was a stay at home mom so that I could listen to a book when I got to have the car to myself.  Was my way of getting a little more “me time”.  I think it would be great for a dad with a long commute in the car. Another idea is to pre-order a new book by his favorite author.  Something you can do at many chain book stores.



  1. Fitbit– A go to gift for the dad who is a fitness and health lover (especially a runner).  This is one of my dad’s favorite accessories which, proves you don’t’ have to be a techie to figure out how to use one.  If you are unsure about it check out my recent post “Adventures of a Mom with a Fitness Tracker” that details my personal experience with one.


  1. Seeds/Planter– If you have a dad who loves to have his own vegetable garden a wonderful gift could include a homemade or decorated planter with some seeds or seedlings for his favorite vegetables or herbs.  If you know how to use a power drill or saw you can easily make a raised bed or other creative planters.  Seriously try searching “DIY raised bed” into Pinterest and you will find an endless amount of tutorials on the subject.   You can also just buy a really big rectangular planter from a home improvement store and give it a coat of paint (or chalk board paint) to make it more personalized.  Could be a cute opportunity to place your kids handprints, making it even better.



  1. Camping Trip– For the outdoor fishing/hunting father you could always plan a camping trip either as a family or with a few friends to a local camping spot.  This could be a great way to enjoy some quality family time and make some beautiful memories with kids that he will surely remember.  The upside is that if you already have the camping equipment you really only need to pay for the camping spot and some food.


I think for the most part this covers you no matter what kind of interests the father in your life has.  And you know if you don’t think any of these would be a good idea you can always go with a cute homemade craft from the kids or order a sample pack of some local craft beer.

Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links that are of no extra cost to you.  Of course I only chose links to products that I personally approve of and were not asked to feature any specific thing. 


What is your favorite Father’s Day gift? Did I miss something you think I should have mentioned? Let me know J

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