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#MySundayPhoto June 12th

#MySundayPhoto June 12th

I have been seeing many of my fellow bloggers share their #MySundayPhoto and this weekend was intrigued enough to check it out.  So I decided to start joining in on this weekly linky starting today.

As many of you may already know from seeing my Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram feeds we have started an urban community garden as a part of a project for the teens I work with.  This past week was out first harvest and selling day in which we actually sold out within an hour.

The picture I am sharing for this #MySundayPhoto shows some of the produce bags filled up that were ready to sell.  This project has been a labor love (and I mean labor) for me and is something that I have become very invested (emotionally not much financially).  We are teaching teenagers who are at risk (juvenile delinquents) how to plant and grow all kind of produce and herbs.  They might not always be super excited but on this day they worked really hard and had such great attitudes.  It was a day that reminds me why I went back to work and makes those many years of grad school worth it.

In these bags we sold the following: lettuce, kale, beets, radishes, red and yellow onions, and sugar snap peas.  Here’s looking to next weeks harvest.

Happy Sunday Everyone!



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