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My Summer Bucket List

My Summer Bucket List

It’s June and the weather has started to perk up and finally feels like summer has arrived. For me summer means not working so late and more time to spend out in the sunshine with my family; wearing lots of sunscreen (My boy is a read head). We have a lot of things on our agenda this summer with weddings, birthdays, and family events so I wanted to come up with a bucket list of things to do with my little family. It can be so easy to get caught up in all of the big things and forget all of the little things you want to do.

So this summer I really want to:

1. Take my toddler to the splash park- Last year we only went once (not sure why) and he absolutely loved it. And to my surprise was so well behaved with the other children. Not gonna lie I was afraid my toddler might try taking other’s toys or be a little scared.


2. Be more active in our back yard vegetable garden- My husband planted a garden last year but I was afraid to help out because I had no idea what I was doing. Now that I have more knowledge I want to be more involved. I’m so excited to cook with fresh zucchini, squash, green beans, and peas.




3.Keep my flowers alive- I’m am not known for a green thumb with flowers. Last year all of mine were dead in about three weeks. To be honest I always forget to water them. However, this year I’m trying to make it more of a routine and sharing the responsibility with my husband.



4. Go on more walks- I know this sounds lame but there is a walkway near my office that goes along the local weather and is a beautiful place to walk. I think it would help me clear my head during a long day to take 20 minutes and go for a walk.

5. Make my own popsicle’s- I have seen so many recipes for making your own popsicle’s on Pinterest that I just have to try it. You will probably see it on a post about Pinterest epic fails later on. But who knows maybe it will actually work out. Let’s be real; the ones with wine sound enticing.


6. Use our grill more often- Dinner’s are so much easier when you marinate some meat (love grilled chicken) and throw it on the grill; maybe with vegetables. Last year it rained so much we didn’t get a lot of opportunities.



7. Take a walk on the beach with my family- My side of our family is taking a big family beach vacation this summer. And while I know it will be a blast I want to make sure to remember to take some time to do simple things with my son and husband.


8. Build a sand castle- Now that my son is a toddler I am so excited to play in the sand at the beach this year. I’m hoping he will have the attention span to help me build a castle (hmm…I mean knock it down) with me. Maybe I’ll even get him to help gather sea shells (I know I’m dreaming ok).




9. Get the sprinkler out- My mom bought my son a sprinkler last summer but we never really got around to bringing it outside and playing with it. Now that he likes playing in the grass more I’m hoping to take it for a spin.

10. Finish a book- It has been forever since I have taken the time to actually finish a book. However this summer I am hoping to take that time. I love to read and used to be an avid reader before grad school and life got in the way. I have 6 books sitting on my book shelf that I really want to read so here’s hoping. Maybe I’ll have some time at the beach since there will be many people to help keep an eye on our toddler.



There is my list. Nothing fancy. Just hoping to spend some time enjoying the little things as I think that is really where you can find happiness. Wanting to make lots of long remembered memories with my little family of 3.

Do you have a bucket list? What are things you want to do this summer. For yourself or for your family? Share in the comments section.


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18 thoughts on “My Summer Bucket List”

  • Oh I adore the idea of a summer bucket list – you’ve come up with a gorgeous list. I love the one about keeping flowers alive – I’m the same – always want more pot plants on the patio and my husband always argues that I wont look after them and every year I promise I will and every year I don’t! Oh and walking on the beach – yes! want to feel the sand between my toes #triballove xx

    • Thank you dear! I’ve been working on the flowers however we have deer that keep eating a few every time they bloom. The beach sure is lovely. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • What a great summer bucket/goal list! I’d love to check out the splash pad with my toddler too, hopefully on an upcoming weekend when I might have some time.
    would love for you to link this up to my #GratitudeGoals linky 🙂

  • I love this! I’d love to make my own popsicles too – I always see these gin and tonic ones and think I could do that 🙂 Yummy. I also want to build sandcastles this year as my little one has just got into sitting in the sand for hours. I’m very jealous it’s starting to be summer in the US! Xx #triballove

    • Yes the weather has been lovely lately. I found a popsicle recipe the other day for iced coffee with some bailey’s I believe. Hope you get to make some sand castles this summer. Thanks for commenting Bridget!

  • This is a brilliant list, and sometimes a list like this needs to be written to allow us to focus on what’s important to us, whilst bigger events are taking place. I really need to get out into the garden more, its tricky with an 11-month old but now that the evenings are lighter here it should be easier. Long walks a long the beach sound perfect, as does building a sandcastle. Good luck on finishing a book, that is on my bucket list every month, and good luck with everything else. Looking forward to hearing how you got on. Thanks so much for joining us this week at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

    • Thanks Claire! I only get into the garden now because mine is a toddler and loves to go outside this year and play. I’ll let you know how it all goes. Thanks for hosting #ForTheLoveOfBlog

  • I think you have just described the perfect summer with your list! I have had to resolve to keep the flowers alive this summer too as I am renowned for killing all green things within 5 minutes of owning them. (I even killed a cactus in less than a week – seriously!) So far so good though. I’ve become one of those people that wanders out into the garden to check on the plants now on an evening and I run in to comment on how many buds I can see. I’m not quite sure when it happened but I have apparently turned into my mother this summer? I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you get to tick everything off and enjoy your summer! Thanks for linking up with us and we hope to see you next week! #fartglitter x

  • We had a lovely time on the beach on our summer holiday – I came home with a bag full of shells that my little man collected that sit beautifully on my desk, He’s very proud of them and tells me so everyday. Gotta love kids in the Summer – it’s so good to see them enjoy the warmer weather. Let’s hope we get a bit more!

  • This sounds like a perfect summer of outdoor activities! Best of luck with the gardening – I’ve just started my own vegetable garden this year and it’s lovely to start getting to eat some of the produce! I find with gardening a little knowledge goes a long way 🙂 #KCACOLS

  • This is such a lovely little list! We’ve been making a family one for the summer – in the tried and tested, piece of paper stuck to the fridge, way. Hopefully it will keep us a bit more focused with everyone being able to see it! 🙂 #KCACOLS

  • My daughter starts school in September so I should definitely make a summer bucket list or maybe get her to make one. We will be off building sandcastles next week. I think it would also include rock pooling, kite flying, finishing her fimo craft kits, going to the zoo and trampolining 🙂 #KCACOLS

  • I haven’t the guts to do a bucket list because I know I’ll disappoint myself. I just want to enjoy the summer and any free days with my family. So far so good #KCACOLS

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