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Confession of a Coffee Addict Part 1

Confession of a Coffee Addict Part 1

Hello, My name is Sarah, and I am a coffee addict. I have been sober from coffee for about 5 minutes (what can I say). Umm scratch that make it 30 seconds.

I used to be casual coffee drinker. Only bought the occasional frappe or frapacinno (not really much coffee in them) from McDonald’s or Starbucks because I wasn’t a big fan of regular coffee and they tasted so so yummy!


But then one day around the time I think I started to become a real adult I started to get hooked. I found myself in my early twenties embarking on grad school (what a pain) and starting my first “big girl” job. I noticed all of my friends went down to the café in the morning and would bring back these delicious smelling cups of coffee. I would smell the scent of pumpkin pie in the fall, peppermint mocha in the winter, chai tea in the spring, and vanilla or caramel in the summer.

Of course I had to see and taste what it was all about. And so my journey began with a daily trip to the café with my co workers which eventually turned into multiple trips (I mean it’s just that good). I noticed a strong correlation to how late I stayed up writing papers (yuck) and how many cups of coffee I needed each day.

And then a few then a few years later something crazy happened that turned my two cup a day habit into a bit more of an addiction (gasp).

I became the proud mother of a sweet little boy!  My world turned upside down.  I forgot about sleeping like a normal person.  It seemed as if my whole life revolved around three or four hour cycles of sleeping, feeding, snuggling, diaper changing, and lots and lots of coffee.  If you are a mom then more than likely you know what I mean.  Your old life ceases to exist and all the sudden you are a coffee guzzling, sleep deprived, messy haired, pajama wearing, and at the same time blissfully happy parent of a new born.

Two years later as a full time working my mom my coffee addiction does not seem to have dissipated and in fact has only gotten worse as I my days get longer and my to do list piles up.  I think my favorite possession in my kitchen is now and will forever be my Keurig coffee maker as it always makes a perfect cup of whatever I am feeling at the moment. We are pretty much in a long term relationship.  Might as well have written some wedding vows.

So here I am at 9:00 PM writing this and thinking about what my next beautiful cup of coffee is going to be like.  I have now been sober from coffee for about an hour and a half but it won’t last for too long.  I can’t like as this is my confessions.  I’m looking forward to a cup of chocolate donut flavored coffee with a hint (alright a few tablespoons) of Bailey’s.

Will I see you at the next Coffee Addicts Anonymous (CAA) meeting.  This really should be a thing! Or maybe that’s just what my friends at #TribalChat are for.


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29 thoughts on “Confession of a Coffee Addict Part 1”

  • I have to say…I don’t understand how people can like coffee. I have tried it so many different ways in the hopes that one day I can understand why people go so mad for it, but all I have found is – nut flavoured latte’s make them taste stronger, not different.

    The only time I have ever enjoyed a cup of coffee was when I was 11 or 12 and tricked my sister into thinking I had a cup of cola, when in fact it was black coffee with 5 sugars in it!

    My sister hated coffee, so it was a funny joke…until she had a baby and was converted! As with my Mum! She had a baby and all of a sudden her taste buds changed! In the early stages of pregnancy a hormone induced Lucy actually cried to my Mother about how I didn’t want to become a coffee drinker!

    Lucy xx

    • I’ll b e honest dear my coffee is very flavored and sweet. When I walk into a room at work everyone says. Why do I smell chocolate.

      It’s also much better for me than pop or an energy drink. But it’s not for everyone. I don’t know how peop k e drink it black. I need yummy coffee creamer in mine.

      Thanks for reading and commenting dear!

  • I’ve never really liked coffee, but I do like a good cup of tea. When we run out of milk at work… I could easily jump out the window. How could they let us run out??? #triballove x

  • ha ha ha ha – I too am a coffee addict – but can not drink before bed as will never sleep but maybe the 2 spoonfuls of baileys is the trick i’m missing! I will let you know how I get on #KCACOLS #triballove too xx

    • You must try a little bit of creamer and Baileys. But I’m just one of those people who can sleep no matter how much coffee I drink. Thanks for commenting lovely!

  • A coffee in the morning is so nice. I used to be able to restrain myself at work but now that I am at home i make myself up to 5 cups a day without realising it. Oh well, as long as you don’t struggle to fall asleep at nights… #KCACOLS

  • Oh wow I have to join you as the biggest coffee addict ever, thanks to my little lady who refuses to sleep…it’s actually a necessity!! But I prefer cafetiere or americano coffee with milk, rather than frappucinos. I don’t think I’ve gone a day without a coffee in the past year. Let’s wear our coffee addiction with pride! #triballove #chucklemums

    • I’m glad someone can join me in my coffee problem Bridget! I agree that it’s become more of a necessity these days. And now I need the stronger stuff as opposed to the Frappuccinostore. Thanks for reading dear!

  • Can you believe that I don’t drink coffee??? I’m really more of a tea and diet coke girl. With two kids you NEED some kind of caffeine to get your through! Thanks for sharing with #chucklemums and we hope to see you back!

    • I definitely agree that caffeine is a must when you are a mom. For my tummy coffee is just what works best for me. Thanks for commenting!

  • It took me years to like coffee (it annoys me that my 13 year old drinks it so nonchalantly when I laboured over developing the right tastebuds!) but after starting with mochas and flavoureds I eventually made it good and proper into the club. But I’ve got to ask – how do you manage to sleep at all with all that caffeine cursing through your veins!? I have to stop at 3pm in order to sleep! #KCACOLS

  • Chocolate donut flavoured coffee!???!! I have never heard of that before, but it sounds amazing. I had a baileys coffee last night, and it was delicious. (with whipped cream too, yum).
    Amanda. #kcacols

    • Ahh now I want to buy some whipped cream to add to my bailey’s coffee. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Fellow coffee addict here as well! In my early university days, I drank energy drinks to stay awake-yuck! But, now that I’m the mom of a 15-month-old, my coffee addiction has been going strong for over a year now haha! I can sleep when I’m dead, right (: #kcacols

  • Oh I’m with you here! I have also become addicted to coffee! It all started because I needed something to wake me up from all the sleepless nights after having a baby and since then it is now my best friend. I don’t think I can be a day without it! lol I’m already thinking on my 3rd cup and the day is not even close to finish yet! So bad! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. Hope you can join us again on Sunday! 🙂 xx

  • Oh gosh I am exactly the same with tea! I love it so much I have to have a cup with me all the time. I’ve often had three by the time I leave the house in the morning to go to work. Why does caffeine do this to us? Coffee is so good too. Like you since I had my baby, my intake of it has gone up from zero cups of coffee a day to 1 cup. I didn’t like it before, but now you will find me drinking a Latte on a daily basis. Sometimes I drink it because I’m bored or need a distraction. It’s funny what caffeine does to us. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  • We recently became a 2 coffee machine family, just before our daughter was born. We now have a keurig as I like the flavoured coffee and an Nespresso machine as my husband prefers stronger coffee. Eve also just started making cold brew coffee, it’s perfect over ice on a summer day!

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