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DIY Wreaths for Summer

DIY Wreaths for Summer

Recently I wrote a post detailing How To Make Paper Flowers and after making so many paper flowers it was time to find something to do with them.  Coincidentally at the same time my office mate and I were looking for ways to decorate our newly organized office.  We had grown very tired of looking at a bunch of beige colored walls and an unadorned door.  It seemed like everyone else had decorated office doors but us.  So I started thinking about what to do and remembered that I had a pretty big basket of paper flowers.


I started out not really knowing what I wanted to accept for using the paper flowers.  Eventually I did what I always do and made my why to Michaels slowly searching through the isles looking for some inspiration.  That’s when I saw something interesting in the section with the wooden signs ready to be painted.  I found these wooden wreathes with letters in the middle from their alphabet collection.  Upon lots of searching I found one with both a “K” and an “S” for our first names.



I thought to myself “surely I can make something out of this” and the wheels in my head began to churn.  I brought the wooden wreathes home and got out some of my craft supplies.  I found my new pack of acrylic paint.  Personally I love CraftSmart Brand at Michaels because they are non-toxic, offer a lot of fun colors, and are pretty inexpensive.  I got a 12 pack of 2oz bottles for around ten dollars.  So my next step was to paint the wreathes which took about four coats of paint.  While that sounds like a lot the actual surface of this signs weren’t that big so it didn’t take as much paint as it sounds.



After the painting was done I looked through my basket of paper flowers and picked around 20 that I thought would go with each wreath. Then it was time to fire up my glue gun and pray I wouldn’t burn myself! I glued each flower onto the wreath and voila the wreaths were instantly changed.

I had a lot of fun with this project and appreciated that it didn’t take a lot of money or supplies.  The only new things going I had to purchase were the wooden wreaths themselves.

I think they really brighten up our office door and have lots of compliments from the female teenagers I work with. We might have to have an arts and crafts session soon.


What do you think? How do you decorate your work space? Do you think this is something you would try?

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