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July 31st #MySundayPhoto

July 31st #MySundayPhoto

On my way out of church with my family yesterday I happened to notice this little flower bed right outside the door.  I’m not sure when they installed this but I’ve been going to the same church for  about 20 years now and have never noticed this.  I thought it was quite beautiful and decided to take a picture.  I love finding things like this for the first time.  Makes me realize that I really need to stop and take the time to be more aware of my surroundings.  Especially with cell phones these  days it is so easy to walk past beautiful things and not even notice them.

While on my recent vacation at the beach I took a little bit of a technology break; got away from my phone, laptop, and iPad.  It was really nice to just not worry about all of those kinds of things and focus on spending quality time with my family.  I got to see some extraordinary views.  The only downside is that I didn’t really take any pictures since I kept my phone in my purse the entire time.




Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!  Do you feel like you just walk past things sometimes? What are your plans for the rest of the weekend?

See you all next time! Love-Sarah@teammomlife



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