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Book Review: Follow Me Home

Book Review: Follow Me Home

I absolutely love to read! So a month ago when one of my blogger friends shared an opportunity with me to read and review a book for the first time I jumped on the chance.  The book is called “Follow Me Home” by Jen Benjamin.

Book Description

When writer Katie Kendall moves to LA to turn her best-selling novel into a film, she is pretty sure it should be the happiest time of her life. But with an unsupportive husband who suddenly files for divorce, the paparazzi assuming she’s having a fling with the leading actor, and her friends left miles away in her old hometown, she begins to think she’s made a big mistake.

Can her new crowd of friends help her through these times? And could those paparazzi snappers have a point about that leading actor…?


About The Author


Jen Benjamin-author of the book

Jen Benjamin writes contemporary women’s fiction, particularly romantic comedies and chick lit novels. Jen is a newspaper writer who enjoys writing fiction when she takes a break from writing facts. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband, daughter and several pets. When she isn’t writing, Jen enjoys photography, reading, and playing the violin. She used to play the violin for a church and various other events, but now just plays for her own enjoyment.

Follow Me Home is Jen Benjamin’s debut novel. It is a fun, feel-good book with a main character that many young women will identify with. It is a witty, compelling and enjoyable read that will leave its audience guessing until the end.

Book Review

I really enjoyed reading this book!  It was the perfect book for me to enjoy on a recent 3 hour flight.  The author was able to catch my attention from the very first page.  It was an easy to read book that left me smiling and feeling good.  The plot was quite unique compared to other women lit novels I have read in the past and kept me on my toes wanting to know what was going to happen next.

The book is set up to read like the main character is writing in her personal diary; reflecting on events of the days past.  I found the main character Katie to be both funny and relatable. Almost like I was reading the diary of one of my good friends.  One of the things I especially loved about the character of Katie is that she wasn’t afraid to work hard towards reaching her goals and is empowering to women every where.  She’s able to dedicate her time to both her career, friends, and newly budding relationship.

My favorite part of the book would have to be following along with Katie as she explores her options in suitors; deciding what she wants out of a relationship and taking the plunge.  The author really let’s you get inside Katie’s head as she weighs the pros and cons of starting a new relationship and considering what other’s will think of her for it.  It felt very honest and relatable despite the character being a bit of a celebrity.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a feel good book in the chick lit genre.  It was great to keep me occupied during a flight but would also make a fantastic beach or relaxing weekend read.  Honestly the only negative thing I could say is that I wish the book had been longer so it didn’t have to end.

I’m giving a 4.5 out of 5 starts!

If you are interested in reading the book you can find it on Amazon here where you can get it in either the paperback or e-reader edition for a very reasonable price.

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* I did receive a free e-book copy of the book in exchange for writing this review.  However, all opinions of the book are one hundred percent mine.


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