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#MySundayPhoto August 14th

#MySundayPhoto August 14th

Recently my little family of three went on an adventure to Colorado for a spectacular wedding!  While we there for the wedding we decided to go to a couple of local parks and check out the beautiful views that nature had to offer.  One of the parks we happened to visit was called Garden of the Gods (I’ll post more pictures in a post later).  The park was full of some of the most incredible sights I have ever seen.  Our little bear absolutely loved it and cried when we had to leave to go back to the hotel.  They are especially known for their red rock mountains that stand very high and can be seen from miles.

Garden of The Gods was extremely family friendly as they had a trail that went all over the park that was paved so you could easily push a stroller.  If you are ever in Colorado near Colorado Springs you must take some time to check it out!


colorado Garden of The Gods

Thanks for checking out #MySundayPhoto! Have you ever been to Colorado?  Do you have a favorite state park?  What has been your latest outdoor adventure?



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