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Tales of A Hot Mess Mama

Tales of A Hot Mess Mama

Does anyone else feel like a hot mess mom?

I don’t know about all of you wonderful ladies but it seems likely lately I am constantly feeling like I should be labeled as a hot mess mom and definitely not like a super mom.  You know that feeling when you have a day, week, or even a month where it seems like you just can’t do anything right.  This happened the last time I went to the grocery store for a big shopping trip.

It was a Sunday afternoon and with no plans in sight so I carved out a few hours to hunker down and really stock up on food and extras.  I got to the store and leisurely walked through the isles and even stopped to take some pictures of beauty products in preparation for a future blog post.  I was excited to get out of the house on my own for a bit, walk around, and explore the store.

I was feeling a little proud for picking out some healthy food to make some yummy and healthy dinners for my little family.  There was even some excitement for a new tube of mascara I had finally taken the time to purchase.  After about an hour and a half after being at the store I headed to the check out lines and piled all of my things on the conveyor belt.

I waited for everything to get rung up and stacked all of the bags in my buggy. The cashier let me know my total and I started searching for my credit card. However, I couldn’t find it and the more furiously I searched the more I started to develop a hot flash. Then I started feeling embarrassed as other people in line just stared me down and the anxiety settled in.

Eventually I found my check book but to my dismay I realized my photo ID was also missing.  I looked around in shock and watched the cashier look at me with pity. About five minutes passed by when I finally decided to call my husband. He agreed to get our little bear in the car and come rescue me.

I had to wait for about 20 minutes as my little guy stubbornly did not want to get in the car. People kept coming up to the register and the cashier had to tell them she was closed down for a little bit. Eventually my white night of a husband got there and paid for all the groceries. I will still so embarrassed and felt like I was sweating buckets.

Of course when I got to my car I found my credit card and ID sitting g underneath the passenger seat. It had fallen out of my purse at some point.  I drove home with my tail between my legs so to speak feeling like such a failure.

I don’t know why I let this upset me so much but it seemed to follow me around the whole next week. I try really hard to forgive others but have such a hard time forgiving myself.

Have you had a day like this lately? How do you deal with these moments?


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